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Toor’s adventure onboard the Stavros S Niarchos has ended, but the story of Torr has not, as we will follow her for the next few ????. I already know of one project being planned, with what Torr has done being the motivation that will drive it forward. So please read the story so far, laid out below in a day to day diary of events. Please start at the bottom of the page and work your way up to read the whole story, then keep coming back to look for up-dates on Torr.







Well we arrived at Gunwarf for 08.30 hrs fully Chained parked up in the reserved spaces that the Gunwarf management had been so very kind to afford us, we then walked the short walk to the Quayside and went straight onboard the Stavros.

Above we were introduced to the First Officer who told me about the weather conditions that Torr and the rest of the crew endured throughout their time at sea. They had everything from gales to total calm and plenty of heavy driving rain.

We were met by Torr and the first officer. After a brief talk Torr started to tak us on a tour of the ship, on meeting the Captain Torr’s parents and sister arrived and we all toured the ship together, as I stated before it seems strange that we travelled 200 miles to meet Torr’s parents for the first time, and they only live a short stones throw from where we live.

Above Torr is explaining that this is the area that they spent their time when on watch, mostly in the wind and rain as this is all out in the open. To give you a sense of realtime, the Seacat passing in the picture below is not that small yet where we are standing in the picture above we are looking down at the bridge of the Whitelink Ferry. So staying on watch for 4 hours in bad weather like the Stavros went through all members of the crew deserve medals.

We also presented a Shrewsbury Town Floreat Salopia shield to the Captain that will be placed in the ward room of the ship.

Above presenting the shield to the Captain, who a few years ago was Consort to his wife when she was then Mayor of Waterford Ireland.

We were told that Torr had shown some excellent qualities whilst she had been on the Stavros and that she was a born leader, as she showed these skills throughout the voyage, even whilst suffering seasickness during one very stormy watch. Once we came ashore we walked with the family to the carpark and left them to catch up, whilst we went off to watch the Great South Run.

All of the roads around Portsmouth had been closed for the run from 10.00 hrs so everyone who came off the Stavros was unable to leave the area until the roads were reopened at 12.30 hrs, even then only some roads were open and we had to drive back streets to get back to the Daughters house before we could finally set off for home.

 Tomorrow I have to contact Radio Shropshire as they want to talk with Torr about her adventure. But for now I know that both Torr and her family are tired from the trip and I know Torr will need a bit of time to herself.

Above Torr with her welcoming party, What an adventure, what a memory. It was Torr’s Day.

Above: One for the album, me thinks. Standing on the deck of a Tall Ship under the Spinnaker Tower.

Both Tricia and Myself are proud of what Torr has done and the report from the Captain makes Torr a fantastic roll model for others to follow, and I am hoping that over the coming years more of Shrewsbury youth will follow what Torr has done and go on a Tall Ships Adventure.



The below pictures were taken this afternoon at 16.00 hrs of the Stavros tied up at Gunwarf Quays, when we were walking through Gunwarf Quays after securing our parking spaces for tomorrow morning when we will be back at the Gunwarf Quay to meet Torr and with luck go on board the Stavros S Niarchos and meet the Captain and crew before they leave their ship.

Pictured above in the background is the Stavros S Niarchos with the rigging that Torr and her crew mates used to climb whilst the gale force winds blew in the Channel.

Above the Stavros from another view this time I hope it shows her off to her best for size etc. All of the other boats in the fleet were tied up and I think that the party was about to start off on board the Stavros.

We went and visited the Gunwarf Quays management centre and were able to secure a parking slot for us tomorrow so that we can gain easy acess to the warf and to the Stavros. I must say that the staff at the centre were fantastic and bent over backwards to help us with every wish we had. So a big thank you to Gunwarf Quays Management Team for your help.

Tomorrow morning at 08.15 rs we will be on the Quayside getting ready to meet up with Tor, her fellow crew and the Officers of the Stavros (Tall Ships Adventures).

We traveled down this morning and we are all staying at the daughters, Son in Laws and Grandaughters in Southsea overnight. That is where I am at this moment writing this up-date, feeling tired but also looking forward to an early start tomorrow.

I hope that you hav enjoyed the trip along with Torr and the Stavros, with the way that the weather was last weekend I am pleased to see that things cleared up enough for the ship to visit France and travel a fair few miles up and down as well as across the Channel. I will up-date this when we get back to Shrewsbury tomorrow night. Thank you for supporting Torr by visiting this site. Tony & Tricia.

Saturday 29th October.  Up-date  @ 04.00 hrs The Stavros is now just off the East of the IOW heading East at 0.2 knots (less than 0.5 mph) Wind Westerly @  3.8 knots (4 MPH) 

We are about to leave for Portsmouth so that we can be on Gunwarf Quay when Torr steps ashore at 09.00 hrs tomorrow 30th October.  We will be wearing our Bling and it is an official Mayoral duty that we are carrying out. So I will try and update later this evening if we get the chance to see the Stavros as she arrives and docks later on today. We are all staying overnight at our daughters house in Southsea. More to follow later.

Friday 28th October Up-date  @ 22.00  The Stavros left Dieppe today and at present traveling in a westerly direction at 10 knots (11.5 mph) Wind direction in North Northwest Wind speed 3.8 knots (4.3 mph) they are South West of the Greenwich lightship. Heading into Portsmouth tomorrow afternoon. Just in time for their end of trip Bash.



Above Torr standing on the quayside just about to go aboard the Stavros S Niarchos.

Just a thought we know now that Torr has climbed the rigging and set the sails, ok in the calm of the port seems easy. Torr did that in mid Channel with a gale force wind and a rolling deck. Fair do’s big thumbs up to Torr and the rest of the crew. That mast is 148 feet high.

How many young people make up the crew? There are between 40 & 45 young people who have never met, many never been to sea, let alone on a tall ship. They all have to be split into watches and have to be trained on the ships safety and what is expected of each and every one of them before they leave port. There are only a very few full time officers on the ship at any one time, so the work has to be done by the crew, pictured above they look as if they are still getting used to their surroundings.

Torr told her Mum that it is very warm down below and that the bunks are very small,(so that lets me out at over 6ft tall). Most of all she is enjoying her time on the Stavros, but when they went ashore they all had trouble walking in a straight line.

They should be setting sail from Dieppe sometime tomorrow on the morning  tide. 

Thursday 27th October. Up-date @15.40 hrs Stavros has tied up in Neuville-lès-Dieppe France, with luch Torr will get some shore leave, wonder how they will cope walking on a surface that does not move.? Wind speed is 9.9 knots (11.3 mph) from the South Southeast direction. 

 Just had text from Torr stating that she has had no signal until she landed on French soil to get in touch, but that she has been up the rigging a few times to set the sail and that she had steered the ship half way into port. The sea has been very choppy and that she struggled yesterday. She is having a great time making many new friends. This is exactly what these adventures are all about and both the Mayoress and myself are really pleased that Torr is making the most of this adventure.

Thursday 27th October Up-date @ 09.40 hrs Stavros is stationed North of Cany-Barville close to the French coast (Approx same distance as IoW is away from Portsmouth). Speed 0 knots. Wind speed 13.9 knots (16 mph) She has traveled at an average speed of 8.5 knots (9.8 mph) since my last update. Wind direction South, Southeast.

@ 06.00 hrs She was stationed  Northwest of La Poterie Cap-D’Antifer speed o knots, averaging 4.3 knots (5 mph) between 21.40hrs 26/10 and 06.00hrs 27/10. Wind speed 16.7 knots (19.2 mph) from a South Souteast direction.

Wednesday 26th October  Up-date @ 21.40 hrs Stavros due South of the Isle of White in mid Channel on an Eaterly Heading. East, at 8 knots (9.2 mph) travelling approx  37 Nautical miles (42 miles) since the last up-date. average speed 6.26 knots (7.2 mph)

Weds 26/10 @ 15.40 hrs Stavros S Niarchos East of Chennele Crossing the main shipping routes in the Channel, She is due North of La Hague, (not to be confused with the Dutch city The Hauge) it is in fact a region on the tip of the Cotentin peninsula  also known as the Cherbourg Peninsula. The Stavros is now  Heading South East at 2.4 knots (2.7 mph) Wind 15.6 knots (18 mph) from the South West. She has covered approx 2o Nautical Miles (23 Miles) since the last up-date, with average speed today of 3.36 knots or (3.8 mph)

Weds 26/10 @ 09.40 hrs  Stavros S Niarchos was due North of Alderny in Mid Channel. Heading East at 7.2 knots (8 mph)  Wind speed 17.9 knots (20.5 mph) from South West. Average speed during of Stavros S Niarchos this voyage so far is 6.72 knots (7.7 mph)

Tuesday @ 21.40 hrs Stavros S Niarchos is South of St Martin SW of Eddystone Rocks “Lighthouse” Heading at 90 degrees (East) at 4.8 knots (5.5 mph) Wind speed 18.5 Knots (21 mph) from SW direction 

The Stavros S Niarchos with Torr on board is finally under sail and in the Channel heading in a South Easterly direction @115 degrees. The ship left Falmouth during the early hours of this morning after being kept in port due to bad weather.

Tuesday: Weather up-date Wind 5.73 knots (6.6 mph) SW.  Av speed of ship 1.5 knots (1.7 mph) this report came through @ 15.40 hrs

Monday: Up-date @around midnight The Stavros S Niarchos set off from Falmouth Harbour

MONDAY; Weather up-date: 2100hrs Falmouth Wind S 5  Rain throughout Monday Night

Due to bad weather the ship has been unable to leave port according to our last discussion with Tall Ships Adventures at 1630hrs 24/10/11

SUNDAY; Weather up-date: Falmouth Wind SE  25 – 31   Showers to Rain through Sunday Night.

MORE TO FOLLOW. Please read below for a history of how this trip came about plus more.



Pictured above:  Torr, who through her tutor at Shrewsbury College for Art & Technology applied for a funding grant from the Jeux San Frontiere Trust, (Mayor of Shrewsbury is joint Trustee of this trust) to enable her to take part in a Tall Ship voyage to help her towards her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award residential part. The class tutor asked her class if anyone would be interested in doing something such as this Tall Ship project and Torr jumped at the chance, the details were requested and then they looked for funding and I am pleased that they came our way as the money was just sitting there waiting to be used. We had no problem with the request as it ticked every box on our essential list and more, plus all of our desired list, so Torr had a very solid application. Did I mention that this young lady who is going to brave the English Channel for Seven Nights at the end of this month is just Seventeen Years of Age.

I have asked Torr to send me up-dates of her journey with pictures if/when she is able to, so that I can post it on this page, so we can all follow her and be part of her experience, from setting off from home to Falmouth on the 23rd October, to her arrival at Portsmouth on the 30th October up to an until she gets home to Monkmoor with her parents. We will also ensure that the messages from Torr goes out on Twitter as well.

The above Tall Ship is the same ship/Brig that Torr will be crewing, below are some of the stats

  • Commissioned April 2000
  • Appledore Shipyard
  • Rig: 18th Century Brig with 18 sails (5 yards on 2 masts)
  • Length: 197ft / 59.4m
  • Masts: 148ft / 45m
  • Beam: 32ft / 9.9m
  • Draft: 15.74ft / 4.8m
  • Tonnage: 493 (gross)
  • Speed: 13+ knots under sail
  • Crew: 69
  • Engines 2 x MTU 330 kw
  • Generators: 4 x 80 kw
  • Sail Area 3812 sq.ft / 1162 sq.m
  • Air conditioned and heated for worldwide operations
  • Water making plant

The ship or Brig is called Stavros S Niarchos

The voyage number is SSN 504 and is called Big Bash or Bust. Taken from their web-site is this description of the trip;

A Half Term adventure to remember! Join our Tall Ship in the beautiful harbour of Falmouth and set sail for Portsmouth where you will join our annual crew reunion party – the Big Bash!

The company who run it is called: Tall Ships Adventures

Their Web-site is found by clicking on the following link:

Torr will join her ship by 1300hrs of the 23rd and will arive in Portsmout at Gunwarf Queys on the Saturday evening 29th. They will have an end of trip party on board and will leave the ship at 09.00hrs on Sunday 30th. Just realised Torr will get an extra hour in her bunk after the party as the clocks go back an hour from BST to GMT.

The Mayoress and Myself know Gunwarf Queys in Portsmouth very well and if I was there on the Saturday I would be at the top of the Spinnaker Tower all 560ft of it and watch the Tall Ship arrive. Bet that would be some sight. I will get the Daughter or Son in Law to get some photos of their arrival from the warf, as they live in Southsea, Portsmouth.

I will up-date this Page as and when more information is forthcoming. Torr has my contact details and will be sending me a diary of her time on board when she has the time to do so, along with any pictures she can send. Many thanks for keeping with us on this important adventure that Torr is taking part in.



 Torr will be sending me information and progress reports as and when she can, I will post them on this page as soon as I can once I have received those reports. WE,RE PROUD OF TORR, SHE IS PART OF THE TEAM. Let us all get behind her and follow her adventure, be part of that adventure through Torr.




Please click on the following link to see where Torr and the Tall Ship is positioned. Thank you


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