I took these pictures so that those of you who are interested in views that are not normally seen of the skyline of Srewsbury and further. These pictures show what the defenders of Shrewsbury would of been able to see when looking from the top of the right tower (the one that has the flag on every day).

I wonder how much of the view you recognise such as looking down onto the roof of the old Granada Theatre, now the Bingo Hall.

In the first picture on the right side you can just see the white Shelton Water Tower, and in the last picture above in the left side you will see the white water tower at Shelton, giving you the 360 view, each photograph can be aligned with each other not perfect but it is or should be good enough for you to at least get an idea of what the view from the top of the Tower at the Castle  is like.

Below are just some pictures taken of what you could call holiday photos from the top of the Castle.

The Multi Story car park, the Bingo Hall, Theatre Severn, the Guildhall and the Welsh Bridge plus other landmarks of Shrewsbury can be seen in this picture. How many can you find?

Here you can see how easy it was to defend the only land entry in the town. We are 100 feet above the station car park and a clear field of fire would of been had by the defending army of Shrewsbury.

You can just make out the river between Frankwell Cricket Ground and the new Flats in Cheswter Street, on the old Charles Clarkes Garage site. Showing my age again.

What a fantastic building our Station is, and be honest how many of you have stood back and taken a really good look at it? You can just make out the old Butter Market behind the station building, as well as Morris Lubricants in Castle Foregate and the station long stay car park in Howard Street.

From the tower that flies the Union Jack you can stand in one position and see both the English Bridge and the Welsh Bridge without moving anything other than your head.

Also from the top of the tower you can see how it was to become and still is the centre of the crossroads for transpotation. From the early roads that came to the town without crossing the river, to canals that came right up to Howards Bank at the Butter Market and the Railways as you can see from Laura’s Tower come from four directions into Shrewsbury Station.

Above Laura’s Tower was built by Thomas Telford as part of the remodeling of the castle in the late 1800’s. Laura’s Tower was named after the daughter of Sir William Pulteney. Sir William Pulteney was the Shrewsbury MP at the time and was also a private resident of Shrewsbury Castle. Laura’s Tower was built as a summer house and has fantastic views of the Shrewsbury Skyline. You can also see the Abbey from the tower as well as what I call a Lazy look at the river below towards the Castle Walk.

Please pay the Castle a visit the first chance you have the Military Museum has a fine collectin on display and well worth the cost. The castle was also used as the Council Chamber up until the 1980’s, and still retains the Mayors Prlour. 



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