Seeing that my Mayoral year has ended and I only have a couple of Mayoral things to sort out ie the Small Grants for Small Groups (Mayoral Charity Fund) I had to start a new Blog sort of life post Mayor. We still get invited to places so we must have done something right. I hope we did as we tried our best and made sure that what you saw was what you got. Anyway my new Blog can be found by clicking on the following  link. Thank you. https://tonydurnellblog.wordpress.com/

I hope that you continue to follow me and I will do my best to update my new blog as often as I can. To start with I have taken it to the end of May so that you do not have that much to take in, but there is plenty  of stuff waiting in the wings already.

If you are wondering what the strange object in the top left of this post is well meet ‘H’ some students we met will remember ‘H’ when I aquired him/her hence ‘H’ as a name and nit ‘it’. You will see ‘H’ a fair bit on my new blog as a kind of mascot, my wife Tricia thinks I have gone made, maybe but whatever its fun and relaxing seeing ‘H’ change week by week.

See you at my new Blog, but still come back to this site to see who get some money from my Mayoral Grant Fund, being released soon.

Keep up with me and ‘H’ at https://tonydurnellblog.wordpress.com/

I would like to thank you all for following me through my Mayoral year and I hope that it has been an insight of the workings of the Mayor and the team of dedicated staff that work to ensure that the people of  Shrewsbury retain its Mayor and all of its history. Also I would like to thank all of the members of the Freemen of Shrewsbury who help protect the Mayor on Civic parades etc, also to businesses of Shrewsbury who helped sponsor many of my events to raise money for charity, last but not least a big thank you to the residents of Shrewsbury for making our year such a memorable one. We will never forget the warm greatings you afforded us and allowing us to make so many new friends. Thank you.


SEE YOU SOON  & THANK YOU  Tony & Tricia Durnell



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