I would like to take a little time to say a big thank you to all of the people we have met when we have been invited to functions all over the area as well as far afield as from Portsmouth in the South to the far North of Scotland, we have also gone from the West Coast to the East Coast during our year in office, so a big thank you has to go to Robert our Mayors Officer who has always been there with us, his family for allowing us to take him away for such long periods of time and at all hours of the day. A big thank you to our Mayors secretary Carol who has managed to maintain my diary throughout the year so that my appointments and my Shropshire Council work fitted in together so well, to the girls in the office Suzi our media person, Hillery who has stood in for anyone who is off to ensure that the mayoral team kept going and to Rebecca who always had those many few minutes that I would always be asking of her to print stuff off or transfer data etc. Also last but not least a really big thank you to Helen our Town Clerk, who I have to say has really been my rod over the year as I always seem to be going into her office asking if I can do this or that and I would like to attend this or that. She has always come up with the advice and help I have needed, some of the ideas really took off such as asking people to step out of their comfort zone. But alas we did not get the sheep in the Quarry DEFRA had a hand in that although Helen did do her best but these ministry people always have the last word. well we will see.

I would like to really thank my right hand person Tricia, the Mayoress, my wife who many years ago said to me don’t you ever come home and say you are going to be Mayor as I will not be happy, (Tricia likes to work in the background as she did when delivering Meals on Wheels to people. she just gets on and does it without people really knowing). Well I have a good memory and I do listen, but Tricia has been a fantastic Mayoress and she has been there with me all along except for the odd bout of flu. Without Tricia I would not have been able to do what I did during my Mayoral Year.

I would like to let our children know that they no longer have to make appointments to visit us as we are home more often than we have over the past two years (we had one year as Deputy Mayor plus the Mayoral year). Also to thank Karina our daughter for helping with teas in the castle a few times. We will now look forward to some holidays with or Family and Grandchildren.

Below are just a few pictures of the new Mayor and myself on the night of Full Council where I handed over the Chain of Office to Cllr Kieth Roberts. I would like to wish him and the new Mayoress well over the next twelve months and hope that they get as much pleasure out of it as we both did last year.

We will both be out and about and we will continue to call in and see the many friends we made during our term in office. I will now set about working more within my ward of Monkmoor and will soon have a new blog up and running, so please keep coming back as I will still be posting more pictures etc from our time as Mayor as new pictures come in from various people.

Thank you from  Tricia & Tony

Above note the look on Helen the Town Clerks face when I said that I was only going to talk for a short time. No one who knows me thought I would be Brief, be Bold and then be Gone!

Above note Helens face as I do in fact talk for a very short time and here I am finishing off ready to sit down. This full Council Meeting must go down as the shortest one of all time as it was soon finished. Maybe I should of kept talking for half an hour or so!

Above the new Mayor presents me with a framed certificate showing when I was Mayor of Shrewsbury, it is now placed on our sideboard in pride of place.

I hope to have more pictures of the Mayor making/Full Council soon so please come back and have a look.

Also to follow soon will be the handing over of money to St Chads from our 100 Brass and Voices Concert.

Then there will be the Small Grants for Small Groups from the Mayors Charity Fund.




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