This evening we were the guests of Mr David Wong owner of The Dragon King in Old Potts Way. What an evening, the Dance that was was performed was really fantastic, we were all feeling tired watching it as it lasted almost half an hour, those dancers have to be really fit.  

The evening was two fold it was to celebrate the Chinese New Year, The Year of The Dragon and seeing we were at the Dragon King it seemed perfect, the second reason was they held a charity raffle, with all of the money raised going to Shropshire Mind a local charity for people with mental issues.

Attending the function was Martin Wood the Town Crier and his wife Sue, Martin making up a double act with Mr Wu the Dragon King manager by entertaining us all to part with our money and handing out the prizes. It was not about winning but about helping make as much money as we could.

Below is a pictorial of our evening, as you will see it was not Bob taking the pictures but Yours Truly, so please forgive me for the lack of quality.

Now I have to say that around about this time my wife noticed a lettuce hanging from a string and we wondered what it was doing there. “All will become clear very soon” said Mr Wong. (and it did)

Then there was no lettuce gone just like that.

Above making sure that nothing will take his mind off his food David Foulkes the Chief Exec of Shropshire Mind, focused on the job in hand.

I always like to photograph the press photographers when I can and I could not refuse this one, sorry Pete.

We then went on to draww the raffle and there were many reqally good prizes up for grabs. The top prize was donated by Mr David Wong and it was a pair of dragons carved out of cow bone, take a look below. they are valued at £500.


I have tried to capture the detail of these lovely works of art but I know I have not done them justice. The were won by the Town Criers Mother-in-Law, we were all truly pleased for her.

A happy David Foulkes holds the cheque that has just been presented to him by Mr Wong.

Sue Wood in the front of the picture whilst David Foulkes is letting everyone know that the raffle made £532 and thqat Mr David Wong has matched that and made it up to a fantastic £1,064. No wonder David looks a though he is about to start singing, but we took the mic off him before he managed to sing.

It was a fantastic evening with great people and I recomend the Dragon King if you wan to enjoy a lovely Chinese meal, where you are looked after and dine in a family atmosphere with your family all ages allowed, and it is affordable.

Shropshire Mind are always on the look out for volunteers so please click on the following link to go to their Web-Site and see what they do and if you could be of help they would love to talk to you. Thank you. http://www.shropshiremind.org/


Thank you to The Dragon King for a fantastic evening and a big thank you to David Wong who gave so much towards this evening and for allowing us to join in such a special event. Chinese New Years will mean so much more to both Trica and myself from now on.



My Civic Service will be held on the 12th February 2012 at 3pm in Shrewsbury Abbey and I can now say followed by tea at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust Centre Abbey Foregate. If you are planning on coming to the service please make sure that you let the Mayors Secretary Carol Pullen know by either phoning her on 01743 257655 or return the bottom part of the invitation if you have one. The church has a limit and it will be nice if we can fill every seat in there.


Please have a look at the MAYORS CHARITY SPRING BALL page as I have added a preview of what the menu of the evening should look like. Please click on the following link to take you there. Thank you.



A feature all about good positive stories, a must read if you want to put a smile on your face and be Proud of Shrewsbury, and become Part of the Team. Make sure you get your copy this week and read the article. Thank You.  Tony





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