First thing on the agenda this morning after a coffee was to join the Shrewsbury in Bloom Committee. I only had at most an hour before I had to return along the passage to the Mayors Parlour. So I was allowed to update the committee on our Mayoral visit to Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology, and how their engineering students are going to make hanging baskets for Severnside Housing group dwellings as part of their community week, also they are going to plant lots of trees as a tree planting breakfast session, I think that they plan to plant over 100 trees at their London Road Campus. This will all be recorded and placed within our Shrewsbury in Bloom Portfolio. I also told them of our visit to the Wilfred Owen School and that their garden and grounds should also be incorporated within the Portfolio and should be used as part of the judging route. I then had to leave to get ready to meet my guests.



Past Mayor of Telford Cllr Karen Blundell and her husband Alan joined us in the Mayors Parlour for a cup of tea and a chat, catching up on past times etc. I first met Karen whilst I was wearing my other hat talking to young children at the Telford Crucial Crew event at Buildwas Abbey in 2009 when she had just become the Mayor of Telford. My wife and I met up with Karen and her husband at Karens Mayors Charity Awards Evening at the Council Offices in Telford in 2010. It was there that I decided that like her I would like to have my Mayors Charity run as a small grant fund to aid as many people within Shrewsbury as she had done within Telford. So Karen know you know where I got my idea from.

During our meeting today we talked about many issues that affect both Authorities and about our times as Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Both Karen and Alan were impressed with the Mayors Parlour and the wow factor our fantastic view, even on a dull wet day it must have the best view any office in Shrewsbury has.

Above from the Right: Mr Alan Blundell, Cllr Karen Blundell, Tricia Durnell and Yours Truly.

I explained the history of our silverware including the loving cup that was given to the Town by Charles Darwin. Both were really interested in the history of our twin town Zutphen and how our links go back to the 1586 through Sir Philip Sidney whoes statue can be seen at Shrewsbury School. For more information on Zutphen and the history of our tinning up to our links today please click on the following link to go to that part of my blog site. https://mayorofshrewsbury.wordpress.com/special-bits-pieces/

As we talked we found out that both Karen and myself had a much closer link than both being Councillors, as it went back past 2009. In fact we were both Trade Union Shop Stewards attending the same college around the same time, then we both completed our Health and Safety Shop Stewards courses at the same college around the same time and finally we both did our NEBOSH at the same time again at the same college. You guessed it we even had the same tutor, a certain Bill Sharp. Alan also did his NEBOSH at the same time as Karen as a way of helping her so both gained, Cool!!!. As one gets older the World gets smaller, or so it seems.

No matter what political party you follow all Councillors past, present and future want the same thing, that is to serve their residents, get the Council and Businesses to invest in their community and try to improve the quality of life for their residents. This was something that we discussed today, it was great to take time out to meet and talk with friends and the time just flew and it would soon be time for my next appointment.



As I was seeing Karen and Alen out of the Guildhall I met John Poole entering the building, so after he signed himeself in I took him up to the Mayors Parlour. John has been the official photographer for the old SABC and now Shrewsbury Town Council for more years than he will admit. Today our meeting was for a press photo session to go with a press release informing people that he was relocating his office from his Bridge Street shop to his home office. He has taken to the digital age and realises that he can be more flexable and accommodating to his clientele than being based within the confines of his shop, as most of his calls come after normal office hours.

Today also put John on the wrong side of the camera for once, it was fun to watch a photographer taking a photographers photograph, me I dont know much about taking pictures for a living so am quite used to being told what to do, where to stand, get closer, look this way or that way etc, but for John it must have been a new experience.

So our Mayors Officer always on hand with his camera to show the pros how its done did some takes of his own, a candid behind the scenes shots so you can see the step by step moves that goes on when a  photographer gets down and dirty. Our study today is Pete the Shropshire Star photographer, who was at ease with Bob snapping away behind his back as well as by his side.

So please enjoy the pictorial below, as John shows off some of his pictures from the past, that will soon find their way to the families of these past Mayors.

Pete is looking for perfection, we are just looking on.

Thats it get close heads up smile, hold still, just one more should do it.

This is where they lost me and Bob as they got all technical talking pixels, meag something or other and it was like another language. So at that point both Bob and myself went back to the Mayoress who had been sitting watching all this going on with a truly massive smile on her face. Pete then left to do what photographers do and we talked a little to John about his schedule and asked if I could catch up with him in April to see how he was getting on, he was happy for me to do this, John then left and we then had our final meeting of the day.



We then sat down with Carol the Mayors Secretary and went through our work schedule for the next seven days, plus our forward plan as well as updates on our Service in State at the Abbey on the 12th February, The Mayors Spring Ball on the 24th March and our 100 Brass and Voices Concert at St Chads on the 28th April. If you want information on any of these events please contact Carol Pullen on 01743 257655 Thank you.



After talking with the Town Clerk we set off for home, after getting home I went and visited the Monkmoor to talk with David the landlord about his meeting tonight at 7pm where he plans to get a committee put together with the idea of forming a stronger community. This was after he had handed out 60 Christmas hampers to local people on the 23rd December.

As I had another engagement meaning I would not be able to attend the meeting at 7pm I wanted to let him know first hand that I wanted to help in any way that I can, I told him I had already spoken to the Shropshire Councils Community Regeneration Team leader and hope one of their members would attend, I also told him that I would be happy to sit on the committee if one is formed and help raise funds for the many ideas he has. All good community based ideas and I know after talking to him and his family is that he likes a challenge and is really up to make this work so I ask anyone buisnesses or residents alike if you think you can help let Dave know at the Monkmoor, opposite the Police Station on Monkmoor Road/Clive Road junction.

I know Monkmoor has a stong community spirit, so lets join up together and help David make this happen ok.



My Civic Service will be held on the 12th February 2012 at 3pm in Shrewsbury Abbey and I can now say followed by tea at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust Centre Abbey Foregate. If you are planning on coming to the service please make sure that you let the Mayors Secretary Carol Pullen know by either phoning her on 01743 257655 or return the bottom part of the invitation if you have one. The church has a limit and it will be nice if we can fill every seat in there.



Please have a look at the MAYORS CHARITY SPRING BALL page as I have added a preview of what the menu of the evening should look like. Please click on the following link to take you there. Thank you.



A feature all about good positive stories, a must read if you want to put a smile on your face and be Proud of Shrewsbury, and become Part of the Team. Make sure you get your copy this week and read the article. Thank You.  Tony




Please click on the link below to go to my new on-line survey. You can only vote once per computer. I will be ending this survey at the end of thei month. Thank you.


As reported in the Shropshire Star, I am campaigning to have the footbridge from the Frankwell Car Park to the Riverside Shopping Centre called “The Zutphen Bridge”. As many will know that we are twinned with Zutphen a town in Holland and this connection between the two towns goes back further than the official 1977 Twinning ceremony, also further back than the Second World War. In fact our association with Zutphen goes back as far as 1586, when a certain Sir Philip Sidney was killed whilst attempting to push the Spanish out of Zutphen.  In Zutphen they have Shrewsbury a traffic island named after Shrewsbury, as they are Proud in being twinned with Shrewsbury, I feel we should show our pride in a similar way and what better than a bridge.



Click on the following link to go to the Shrewsbury Town Council’s Web-site.   Thank you.




Click on the following link to go to the SHREWSBURY/ ZUTPHEN Twinning Web-site. Thank you. http://www.shrewsburyzutphentwinning.co.uk/live/welcome.asp?id=3506#page_content



Please click on the following link to go to theZUTPHEN Holland web-site. Thank you.  http://www.zutphen.nl/


Please click on the following link to go to the KLAGENFURT Austria web-site. Thank you.





Please click on the following link to go to the CARPITERIA CAL USA    web-site. Thank you.







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