Today we went to the Reman Club in Albert Road to attend the R.A.F.A. Cristmas Party, we attended the same event last year as Deputy Mayor, so it was like meeting up with old friends. This was one event that Eileen Sandford used to support and enjoyed, but sadly Eileen passed away earlier this year and we all missed her today.

The customary raffle was held and the Mayoress was again lucky, but alas I was not in luck this time, maybe the lottery will be where my luck is this week. There was a good turn out and we were told that the branch had 198 members, yet they are looking for more members and they hope new members will be younger in years as the average age of the members needs to be lowered. Something that we hear a lot as we go to many engagements and its one reason why we are trying to engage with young people.

As always the staff at the club put on a fantastic lunch, with such a vast variety of food to satisfy everyones pallet, a big thank you to those who did the work on the lunch we all enjoyed it very much. I would also like to say a big thank you to the R.A.F.A. for inviting us and we really did enjoy ourselves and we really liked talking to your members as they are a great bunch of people.

Sadly it was time to leave and head for home, but we take with us some very fond memories of today with us.

Please click on the following link to go to the RAFA Web-Site. Thank you.  http://www.rafa.org.uk/



A feature all about good positive stories, a must read if you want to put a smile on your face and be Proud of Shrewsbury, and become Part of the Team.

Make sure you get your copy this week and read the article. Thank You.  Tony




Please click on the link below to go to my new on-line survey. You can only vote once per computer. Thank you.


As reported in the Shropshire Star, I am campaigning to have the footbridge from the Frankwell Car Park to the Riverside Shopping Centre called “The Zutphen Bridge”. As many will know that we are twinned with Zutphen a town in Holland and this connection between the two towns goes back further than the official 1977 Twinning ceremony, also further back than the Second World War. In fact our association with Zutphen goes back as far as 1586, when a certain Sir Philip Sidney was killed whilst attempting to push the Spanish out of Zutphen.  In Zutphen they have Shrewsbury a traffic island named after Shrewsbury, as they are Proud in being twinned with Shrewsbury, I feel we should show our pride in a similar way and what better than a bridge.



Please have a look at the MAYORS CHARITY SPRING BALL page as I have added a preview of what the menu of the evening should look like. Please click on the following link to take you there. Thank you.


Click on the following link to go to the Shrewsbury Town Council’s Web-site.   Thank you. http://www.shrewsburytowncouncil.gov.uk/shrewsburytowncouncil


Click on the following link to go to the SHREWSBURY/ ZUTPHEN Twinning Web-site. Thank you.


Click on the following link for the ZUTPHEN twinning Web-site. Thank you. http://www.zutphen.nl/


Please click on the following link to go to the KLAGENFURT Austria web-site. Thank you.




 Please click on the following link to take you to the Shropshire Live Web-Site. Thank you.   http://www.shropshirelive.com/ 



Elaine Hanzak is an inspirational speaker on puerperal psychosis (the most severe form of “postnatal depression”). Through her experiences, Elaine advises and speaks to health professionals, mothers and family support groups plus at corporate events. Elaine delivers keynote presentations on postnatal illness and mental health issues drawing from a raft of informative case studies, personal experiences and anecdotal information passed on to her via this web site and her public speaking engagements.   

Click on the following link to go to Elaine Hanzak-Gott blog about her talk at the Shrewsbury Samaritans  AGM in November  http://elainehanzak.blogspot.com/2011_11_01_archive.html   or click on the following link to go to her Web-Site. Thank you.  http://www.hanzak.com/





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