This morning we travelled up the A5 to Wrexham to attend the Mayor of Wrexham’s Charity Coffee Morning. The Mayorality of Wrexham always support the Mayorality of Shrewsbury by attending our Charity functions, so it was nice to be able to attend one of theirs.

It also gave me the chance to see how much Wrexham had changed since I had worked in the town many years ago. Apart from a few new one way systems and a couple of new buildings it seemed just as I remember it.

The coffee morning had a steady stream of people coming in through the doors and many came and talked to me, and yes I had one who asked me my name and when I told her Durnell, she said I know John Durnell the vicar, I replied and former policeman, and yep we are related and she even went on to talk about other people who we both knew. Small world we live in. I also met with a number of Councillors and had some interesting talks on issues that we have and how we handle them.

Above Yours Truly with the Mayor and Mayoress of Wrexham and the lady on the right is the regional manager for MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT North Wales.

The event in just two hours had taken over £700 through selling tea, coffee, cakes and raffle tickets. Not bad for a mornings work. Well done to all those who came and supported this worth while cause and to those who worked to make the cakes, teas and coffee.

We discussed the loss of our direct train service to London and how that loss had affected both Towns, as you can now see Wrexham and Shrewsbury have more in common than many think, we even discussed ways of getting a service that goes direct to London back again through places such as the Welsh Assembly by putting some political pressure onto the operators. So as you can see our trip to Wrexham was not just for a cup of coffee but also had some serious issues affecting both towns discussed, maybe sooner rather than later we will have a new direct train service to London.

Above Bob found or rather was shown Wrexham’s Civic Mace. I feel it really impressed him as it was almost as tall as he is, it was the very first thing he said to me when we were about to leave. “Have you seen the size of their Mace, Mr Mayor”. Shrewsbury Councils Mace is maybe a quarter the size of this, I know one thing and that is I would rather carry our Mace on parade. But the Wrexham one does look rather grand.

 Please click on the following link to go to the MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT Web-Site http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Home.aspx

Please click on the following link to go to the MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT Web-Site for North Wales http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Fundraising/Inyourarea/Wales/North_Wales/North_Wales.aspx

Please click on the following link to go to the MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT Web-Site for Shropshire   http://www.macmillan.org.uk/Fundraising/Inyourarea/England/Shropshire/Shropshire.aspx

Please note that the Shrewsbury office has closed down due to financial restraints, and is now being covered by their Staffordshire office in Stone. The service they provide will still be fantastic it is just the administration that has moved. So do not worry they are still working on the ground within Shropshire as they always have done and will continue to do so.



Please click on the link below to go to my new on-line survey. You can only vote once per computer. Thank you.


As reported in the Shropshire Star, I am campaigning to have the footbridge from the Frankwell Car Park to the Riverside Shopping Centre called “The Zutphen Bridge”. As many will know that we are twinned with Zutphen a town in Holland and this connection between the two towns goes back further than the official 1977 Twinning ceremony, also further back than the Second World War. In fact our association with Zutphen goes back as far as 1586, when a certain Sir Philip Sidney was killed whilst attempting to push the Spanish out of Zutphen. There is now no official recognition to Zutphen in Shrewsbury that is accessible to the general public, since the Welcome to Shrewsbury Signs were changed and Zutphen was replaced with Darwin. In Zutphen they still have Shrewsbury on display by naming a traffic island after Shrewsbury, as they are Proud in being twinned with Shrewsbury, I feel we should show our pride in a similar way and what better than a bridge.


Please have a look at the MAYORS CHARITY SPRING BALL page as I have added a preview of what the menu of the evening should look like. Please click on the following link to take you there. Thank you.



A feature all about good positive stories, a must read if you want to put a smile on your face and be Proud of Shrewsbury, and become Part of the Team.

Make sure you get your copy this week and read the article. Thank You.  Tony



Click on the following link to go to the Shrewsbury Town Council’s Web-site.   Thank you. http://www.shrewsburytowncouncil.gov.uk/shrewsburytowncouncil


Click on the following link to go to the SHREWSBURY/ ZUTPHEN Twinning Web-site. Thank you. http://www.shrewsburyzutphentwinning.co.uk/live/welcome.asp?id=3506#page_content

Click on the following link for the ZUTPHEN twinning Web-site. Thank you. http://www.zutphen.nl/


Please click on the following link to go to the KLAGENFURT Austria web-site. Thank you.





Please click on the following link to take you to the Shropshire Live Web-Site. Thank you.   http://www.shropshirelive.com/





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