Today we attended the Guildhall to present the winners of our own Town of Flowers competition with their awards. The Council Chamber was nearly full, we started with a buffet for those attending, giving the Mayoress and myself time to mix and have a chat with people from all parts of our community.

Above the selection of trophies on display before the presentation began.

The winning entry for the commercial sector was the Prince Rupert Hotel.

There were winners from all over the town and at a later date I will porst a pictorial of those winners. Above most of those you can see were there to collect a prize, it was just great being able to present the prizes, best part of any job is being able to give something to someone.

Above children from Greenfields School picked up 1st prize and below are the young people from The Wilfred Owen School who took second prize in the School Garden Competion.

Above the representatives from Budgen Motors who also won an award.

Above is the group picture of most of the winners, but I have noticed one very quite man who is missing from this picture. The person I refer to entered this year for the first time and he is an allotment holder at the Sutton Allotments, on his first attempt he walked away with three (yes three awards) two shields and a bowl. with him to help him carry them home was his daughter and grandson. I will post his picture along with others when I get them from the office.

I would like to say well done to all those who took part in the competition and if you didn’t win this year well there is always next year, if you were on of the winners this year then well done.

Both the Mayoress and myself entered garden competitions before we started judging and we both know how much work and effort it takes to get everything just right for the time when the judge arrives.




A feature all about good positive stories, a must read if you want to put a smile on your face and be Proud of Shrewsbury, and become Part of the Team.

 Make sure you get your copy this week and read the article. Thank You.  Tony


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We’re Canadian Eh


Please remember to keep ane eye on the Mayors Charity Spring Ball Page. you can get to it through the menu bar at the top on my page just under the picture of the castle flower bed that my wife and I designed for the Battle of Shrewsbury 600th anniversary. Thank you Tony.


Please click on the link below to take part in my survey, it will open in another window. I am interested in what you think and trust you to answer with your true feelings. The survey is not part of any official consultation for either Shrewsbury Town Council or Shropshire Council, but is just my own thoughts and questions of what I personally feel need answering, you will only be able to vote once from your PC. I just ask that you please take a look and let me know your answers to my questions. Thank You. Tony




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