Our first engagement took us to Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology to meet Miss Victoria Walker, (Tor to her friends) for a publicity photo shoot. When we first met Tor I asked where she came from and she sort of said Monkmoor, like young people do, so I said so do we, where in Monkmoor as I live in Buttington Road to ease more info, as you do. On her reply it turned out that in fact we are near neighbours of each other. Small world.

 Pictured above:  Tor, who through her tutor applied for a funding grant from the Jeux San Frontiere Trust (Mayor of Shrewsbury is joint Trustee of this trust) to enable her to take part in a Tall Ship voyage to help her towards her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award residential part.

This trust was set up after Shrewsbury won the 1960’s “It’s A Knock Out” UK and Europe competition. This competition was very popular and was on TV every week, ask anyone old enough like me who would remember Its A Knock Out and they should be able to explain why young adults acted like they did, there again nothing has changed really. The money that the winning group received was placed into an account so that the interest the account made could be used for young people such as Tor, and Fourty-one years later we are still helping those young people that the trust was set up for originally and achieve goals that otherwise would be unatainable and unavailable but to just a few.

The class tutor asked her class if anyone would be interested in doing something such as this Tall Ship project and Tor jumped at the chance, the details were requested and then they looked for funding and I am pleased that they came our way as the money was just sitting there waiting to be used. We had no problem with the request as it ticked every box on our essential list and more plus all of our desired list, so Tor had a very solid application.

 Above is the Mayoress Tricia pictured with Tor in front of a map that I had tried to tell her that from Falmouth to Portsmouth would be via the Cape of Good Hope, she was way ahead of me on that. You see I think she had been told or knew how I try to wind young people up.

 Above from Left to Right; Yours Truly, Tor (Victoria) and Greg Mowlan (Principal of Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology)

All that her tutor had to do was the formal application and his words were ” Your office and staff are a credit to the Council, they took the details and told us not to worry as they would take it from there. The next we knew was a call from your office saying its all done and paid for all Victoria has to do is turn up and enjoy the adventure.” I can say it is always nice to hear good thins said about our staff as they work very hard behind the scene whilst I and other Mayors, before and after me get the photo and press coverage.

Did I mention that this young lady who is going to brave the English Channel for Seven Nights at the end of this month is just Seventeen Years of Age. I tarvelled only from the Isle of White from by the Needles into Portsmouth on a Russian Tall Ship many years ago and if that was anything to go by Tor will enjoy her time on board 110%+.

I have asked Tor to send me up-dates of her journey with pictures if/when she is able to, so that I can post it onto a page that I am about to place on this Blog, so we can all follow her and be part of her experience, from setting off from home to Falmouth on the 23rd October to her arrival at Portsmouth on the 30th October up to an until she gets home to Monkmoor with her parents. We will also ensure that the messages from Tor goes out on Twitter as well. Click on the following link to be directed to her Blog page on this site about her adventure as it happens.


This is the type of ship she will be crewing,

  • Rig: 18th Century Brig with 18 sails (5 yards on 2 masts)
  • Length: 197ft / 59.4m
  • Masts: 148ft / 45m
  • Beam: 32ft / 9.9m
  • Draft: 15.74ft / 4.8m
  • Tonnage: 493 (gross)

Please click on the following link to go to the Tall Ship Web-site; Tall Shipps Adventures, Supporting the Tall Ships Youth Trust. Thank You. Tony 


 Please remember that the new Page titled TOR will be in place this week and when she arrives in Falmouth on the 23rd of this month it will have up-dates from Tor as an when she can send them to me, right up until she arrives back in Shrewsbury on or just after the 30th October. So please log in and keep tabs on her adventure with the Mayoral Team.



This afternoon my wife and myself met with a group of Canadians, in fact they were the Rotary Group Study Exchange, October 2011 representing Canada District 5550. They are being hosted by the England District 1210, that means Shropshire, Staffs and Midlands area. They were escorted to the Mayors Parlour by Shrewsbury Roatarian Malcolm Cooper.

This week they are visiting as many areas of Shropshire as they can on a very tight schedule of planned visits. Today they called into the Mayors Parlour in the Guildhall for drinks and a chat. The group were sir names only, Dave, Brennan, Shaunna, Alicia and Jody. They have a blog site also and that address is:   http://gse5550.blogspot.com/ 

I gave them a brief history of the Town Council Silver including our two State sawrds of circa 1608 and 1668, and the Loving Cup given to the town by Charles Darwin. The group included someone involved in Agriculture, Waterways, Probation Services and a Police officer, so with the many hats that I wear I was able to discuss issues with each of those with ease.

We had our photograph taken with the group and were then joined by our Town Crier Martin Wood, who then took them on a tour of our historic town, a tour I am sure they will have enjoyed. Martin was wearing his full Town Crier uniform and I did tell them about his beard and how he has had it since playing a part in the Charles Dickens TV film Chritmas Carol that was filmed here in Shrewsbury. For the records he is not allowed to trim his beard during the bird nesting period, for reasons you will guess.

Next week I think that they will be off to visit Staffordshire, then off to the Midlands for another week. They will be in England for four weeks after arriving last Saturday.

 From Left to right: Shaunna, Jody, Yours Truly (Mayor), Tricia (Mayoress), Alicia, Brennan and Dave. I am sure I have it right, I think, I hope so. Standing in front of the Towns Silver Collection.

We hope that they enjoy their stay in Shrewsbury and Shropshire, and that they like what they see and tell everyone back home about our town and our Hinterland.

I also hope that many of you will log into their blog to follow their stay in this country, and we wish them a safe journy wherever they go.



This evening we went along to the County Showground to visit the travelling Circus, infact it was to see the Circus Starr. We arrive and were met by Tracy Jones the Show Manager, who gave us a coffee and of course some pop corn, a circus would not be right without chewing on some pop corn would it, anyway I am just a big kid, so the wife says all the time.

 The moneies raised from the advanced ticket sales will go to the Lingden Davies Cancer Centre, a reall fantastic cause.

Please click on the following link to go to the Circus Starr web-site to learn more about how they help to raise millions of pounds for charities all over the country:




 A feature all about good positive stories, a must read if you want to put a smile on your face and be Proud of Shrewsbury, and become Part of the Team.


Make sure you get your copy this week and read the article. Thank You.  Tony




 Click on the following link to go to the Shrewsbury Town Council’s Web-site.   Thank you.




Click on the following link to go to the SHREWSBURY/ ZUTPHEN Twinning Web-site. Thank you.




Please click on the following link to go to the ZUTPHEN Holland web-site. Thank you.




Please click on the following link to go to the KLAGENFURT Austria web-site. Thank you.




Please click on the following link to go to the CARPITERIA CAL USA    web-site. Thank you.







Please click on the link below to take part in my survey, it will open in another window. I am interested in what you think and trust you to answer with your true feelings. The survey is not part of any official consultation for either Shrewsbury Town Council or Shropshire Council, but is just my own thoughts and questions of what I personally feel need answering, you will only be able to vote once from your PC. I just ask that you please take a look and let me know your answers to my questions. Thank You. Tony







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