Today we started off by visiting the Harlescott Grange Sports Facility. This is part of the Grange School, run by the school but is also available out of school hours to the wider community. Parts of the facilities were part of Shropshire Council Leisure Services, and this did mean it was not as competitive as other like providers locally, Shropshire Council transferred the running of the site to the Grange School. They in turn employed the old site manager who has turned it into an expanding well used community/school facility.

Our job today was to cut the ribbon and have a tour around meeting many user groups on our way. We met with young Footballers, Cricketers, Kick Boxers, Netball Players and a Dance Troup.

We were met by the Head Teacher Mrs J Thomas and the Manager of the site Mr Simon Evitts, also attending was Shrewsbury Town Footballer and local lad Steve Leslie who I must say is a very nice guy and a good person for young people to follow.

Below is a pictorial of the events we saw and of cutting the ribbon to officially open the new fitness suite.

 Above I am talking to the Head Teacher Mrs Thomas, we talked about my nephew Mark Hignett who she knew and who used to teach PE at the Grange School until he moved to teach at the HLC in Telford.

There were two press photographers on site and we had to do a number of pdoto shoots in various places before we could get around to officialy do the cutting of the ribbon part. This is all good behind the scenes stuff believe me!

Above frome Left to Right is Cllr Vernon Bushell, Footballer Steven Leslie, Yours Truly, Site Manager, Mrs Thomas and Shropshire Council Central Area Director Clive Wright.

This was the ribbon cutting for photographer number one. From the Left is Simon Evitts, Mrs Thomas, Yours Truly and Steve Leslie.

This was the ribbon cutting for photographer number two. Same cast.

Here Steven Leslie tries to show his fitness all in good fun and we were all relaxed around this equipment, only because we didnt have to really get down and work on any weights. Phew!! Simon and myself happy to watch.

 Then it was out and about for our tour of the site and all that is on offer.


Above is the dance troup, who put on a dance display of Rock & Roll just one part of a show that they are putting on next year at Teatre Severn. They were really great.

We then had to take our leave and move onto our next engagement.

 I have listed what activities they have running each day and for what age group here at the centre.


Trampoline club 1530-1800
Blackbelt Academy 1800-2000 age 5-adult
Boot camp fitness class – 2000-2100 age 16+
Badminton Club 2000-2200 age 14+
Topaz dance classes 1900-2115 age 14+


Topaz dance classes 1900-2115 age 14


Topaz dance classes 1900-2115 age 14


Blackbelt Academy 1800-2000 age 5-adult
Topaz dance classes 1900-2115 age 14


Topaz dance classes 1900-2115 age 14
Football coaching 2030-2130 age 12+ – This is free for the children to attend and funded by sports development.


Fusion dance school 0900-1400 age 5+

Along side all of those activities and classes they have the gym now open every night 1600 – 2200, the possibility of hiring facilities to play sport such as the synthetic pitch, badminton courts, basketball court etc and also special activity every week day 1515-1730 where children can come and pay £1 and splay sport in the facilities such as football, badminton and basketball.

So go along and be Proud of your Community and be Part of the Team.



Our next engagement was right in my own ward of Monkmoor, where we had been invited to officially open the recently extended and revamped Post Office/Stores.

It was also a religious occasion as with the Sikh ways the opening was blessed by having the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji  (Holy Bible) brought over by a specially converted vehicle designed to carry the bible. The Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji tavelled from the temple in Wolverhampton to Monkmoor and was placed in a room and prayers were said throughout. It was to thank god for enabling the family to open the stores and for the family to be able to carry on working within the community.

We cut the ribbon and declaired the Post Office/Stores officially open. We were then invited to join the family and the Five Singh (Priests) into their home, we were made very welcome and we ate a traditional meal and made new friends before we left.

Anyone who has not been past the Post Office for a while will notice how much it has changed from before, inside it has been extended into a mini supermarket and the price of their good is very reasonable, hence they have a very healthy number of people shopping there.

We then returned to their appartment for some food and a good talk where we learnt a lot about their traditions and religion. I still want to learn more to understand their religion better.

Yep he caught me eating again, the food was really lovely, but it was soon time for us to leave and head off back, as Robert our Mayors Officer is off on holiday and he had to pack his bucket and spade.

I know that the residents of Monkmoor and the top end of Underdale will ensure that your new store and Post Office will do well and will continue to support your hard work for the community. 


A feature all about good positive stories, a must read if you want to put a smile on your face and be Proud of Shrewsbury, and become Part of the Team.

Make sure you get your copy this week and read the article. Thank You.  Tony


Click on the following link to go to the Shrewsbury Town Council’s Web-site.   Thank you.


Please click on the link below to take part in my survey, it will open in another window. I am interested in what you think and trust you to answer with your true feelings. The survey is not part of any official consultation for either Shrewsbury Town Council or Shropshire Council, but is just my own thoughts and questions of what I personally feel need answering, you will only be able to vote once from your PC. I just ask that you please take a look and let me know your answers to my questions. Thank You. Tony




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