Today we have Mini Mayors with us, they are Year 9 students from Meole Brace Secondary School. They are Lily and Sam.

They were collected from school in the Mayors car and just before they left the school their head of year informed them that their first appointment would be a live interview on Radio Shropshire with Jim Hawkins. That tested their metal.

On arrival at the Guildhall they were brought up to the Mayors Parlour where we greeted them and explained what our engagements were for the day ahead.

Here we are pictured in front of the Town Councils Silver in the Mayors Parlour the Mayoress on the right, Lily then Sam and Yours Truly on the left, before we set out for Radio Shropshire.

They look as cool as anyone would after talking live on Radio. Not an easy task I can tell you. I was really proud of them both.

Here they are pictured with Jim Hawkins after the interview. He was really impressed with the way they handled the whole interview, and was pleased to be pictured with them. One for their album I thinks!

As we went into reception to meet up with the Mayoress wwe met Eric Smith and we had him pose for a picture with us , so that is another for their album, Eric by the way if you dont know is the one in the middle.


Then it was a quick dash to the Dingle for a photo shoot with the Royal British Legion as it is their 90th Anniversary this year and for their year book we needed a picture of the RBL flower bed in the dingle with the Summer Bedding in full bloom.

Pictured Left Mr Jim Williams RBL Chairman Shrewsbury Branch, Lily, Yours Truly, Mayoress, Sam and Mr David Moss RBL County Chairman.

I must also say that the lads working in the Dingle have again made the area look really lovely all through the very harsh conditions we have had this year. Well done.


Our next visit was to the Castle giving time for the Mini Mayors to see at first hand the Mayors Parlour in the Castle as well as a brief view of the Museum. I was at one time not to long ago used as the Council Chamber.

Ah the table moves in and out, thats cool, and it moves so easily.

Now how many of you have been into the Castle and wondered what these tables and seats were for, or did you even see them. Have a look next time you go in, there is a lot about the Castle, it holds many secrets.

We then returned to the Guildhall for lunch in the Mayors Parlour, as soon as we were fed and watered we had to leave for our next engagement.

We do have more than one plate honest, we just found the last cakes and shared the plate. Just found two young people who share the same hobby as me. Eating.


We traveled the short distance down the A49 to the village of Dorrington to the Official Opening of their new School Hall and Outdoor Classroom.

We were greeted at the door by two Key Stage Two students who took us into the hall for a cup of tea/coffee and a cake cooked by the children that morning. I am in food paradise.


Then it was down to work and to go outside to open the outdoor classroom.

 Tricia the Mayoress cuts the ribbon and then the kids really go for it and they enjoyed the fantastic outdoor classroom that the schoolhad created.

Then it was back inside for me to cut the ribbon to officially open the new hall.

When we left I invited the whole school to arrange a date with the Mayors secretary for them to visit me in both the Castle and Guildhall for tea.

We then returned back along the A49 and on our way to the Guildhall we dropped our Mini Mayors off at their homes. It had been a long hard day for them and starting off with a radio interview and ending with opening a school classroom and hallI think they were a tad tired and after telling all their family and friends about their day would sleep well. Good job there is no school on Saturday.

Our day though had not ended as we had an evening engagement to attend, but that will be without our Mini Mayors.



All that I can say is when Hatfields put on a special night they do it right. The atmosphere, background music, drinks and two vehicles covered over in the middle of the showroom, all this with good company in abundance.

Below is just a small pictorial of the evening as I want to feature this company at a later date as it is a successful company working within Shrewsbury.

All of the above people have very interesting and positive stories about their businesses within the Town and they are backing “WE’RE PROUD OF SHREWSBURY” and they are part of the new team.

The new Jaguar XF and XKRS are really something out of this world, with a build your own version. Buy an XK and have a RS exhaust fitted to it. Personalise your own Jaguar to fit your requirements or dreams or both whatever.


This car the XKRS when I sat inside was the exact fit for me. I am over six feet three and I had plenty of leg room and the driving position was fantastic. My wife the Mayoress is just under a foot shorter than me and she found that it fitted her size perfectly also, now we just have to agree who would be the main driver. That will be the main test. The car sounds great and looks even better.

These pictures above and below are by courtesy of Jaguar.


The XF is a fantastic car and very economical to run, with a reported return of above 50 mpg. Comfortable and real luxury to sit inside. An ideal Mayoral car I thinks. If Andy our finance officer at the Town Council reads this he will burn the cheque books, then say sorry Mr Mayor.

Above we are standing with the owner of Hatfields and his lovely wife in front of the new XKRS.

Like I stated earlier I will be writing more about this very successful company and how local Businesses within this area of Shrewsbury are at the forefront of some interesting developments, by true partnership working.

Please click on the following link to take you to the Hatfields Jaguar Shrewsbury web-site:





Please click on the link below to take part in my survey, it will open in another window. I am interested in what you think and trust you to answer with your true feelings. The survey is not part of any official consultation for either Shrewsbury Town Council or Shropshire Council, but is just my own thoughts and questions of what I personally feel need answering, you will only be able to vote once from your PC. I just ask that you please take a look and let me know your answers to my questions. Thank You. Tony



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