At around lunch time today our JOGLE team arrived at their destination. Well done to you all.

I e-mailed the Mators secretary this morning and told her that waiting for the team to cycle the last 25 miles gave me the feeling of being an expectant father outside the delivery room.

The team had been battered by severe gales and heavy rain for the past four and a half days, this slowed their speed down and even held up their starting off time in the mornings. From covering 75 miles a day in fine weather this storm slowed them down to approx 30 miles a day. But like true heroes they battled on and finally got over the finish line, just in time to get back to Shrewsbury on Thursday evening to have Friday off then back to work for them all on Monday. They gave up their holiday to cycle the length of the country in aid of my Mayoral Charity Fund and the Birks Project, I think that should be shoute about all over the County through every media that we have, This is something good and positive putting the Pride into Shrewsbury and Shropshire. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL.

Anyone still wishing to make a donation to this cycle ride then please contact the Mayors secretary on 01743 257655  Thank you from Tony & Tricia (Mayor & Mayoress).

We must also thank Burnt Tree Vehicle Rental for leting the team have the use of a crew cab style van for their back up and food gatherer. Showing how proud Burnt Tree are to be a Partner in this cycle run. Also DECO Stitches, and the volunteers from the Grove Schools Birks Project and last to Shrewsbury Town Council staff who put up with me ringing them all the time to get up-dates on where they were etc. So may I on behalf of everyone just say Thank You.

The Birks Project Please Click on this Link to see what they are raising funds for: http://www.thebirks.org/

Please click on the link to see what they have put on the Shrewsbury Town Councils Facebook site http://www.facebook.com/shrewsburytowncouncil


This morning we visited the Indoor Bowls sited at the Sundorne Sports Village. We were greeted by Cllr David Farmer and his charming wife Diana, who quickly found us some footwear and a set of bowls sorry woods, we then took in some coaching from all of the friendly members and then went on to play a few ends. Both myself and Robert the Mayors Officer had trouble with keeping our woods out of the gutters, yet in the next lane the Mayoress was going like a true pro showing us how easy it was not. We had such a great time that we will be going back and we will be joining the club.

This week they are running a free taster session/days Fri Sat and Sunday. Fri 10am till 8pm and Sat & Sunday 10am until 6pm

I was informed that it is open to all and that they had a special weelchair that is designed to use for bowls, so I just had to try it out along with another member.

Wheelchair eyes view of the bowling area or rink, as I was informed.

The foot rest contacts the mat as you lean forward to bowl thus stopping the chair from moving when you bowl, simple yet works really well. Here the member goes for a left hand bowl, then she tried the right hand bowling position.

Whist we were in the rink a people from Radio Shropshire arrived and were having a trial run, then one lady came over to see the wheelchair and was also impressed. Then I just had to have a try.

Wow that was on perfect line just a tad short of the jack.

This one did hit the jake just, they said a perfect length and line, now i have got the hang of this.

Perfect line but just short of the Heath Gates Public house, maybe I need more practice. One thing that I did realise was that being a natural left handed person who was changed at school to wright right handed, that playing bowls left handed was better than when I played against Robert right handed.

So next time I will play left handed. I also had my suite with heavy Mayoral Chain on when I was playing and got some hefty belts across the head when bowling. Thats my excuse and sticking to it, you try it with a chain swinging around your neck, felt as i Mike Tyson had given me a right hook at times.

But please go along and try it out its free and it is indoors so the weather is always dry and warm inside the rink.



This afternoon we laid on tea, scones and Shrewsbury Buscuits, all made by the Mayoress for those on the guided tour of our lovely town. We had six join us plus the guide. One was familiar to us, Ah yes it was Carol Pullen the Mayors Secretary and ahe brought along Hilary our new assistant who will be working the afternoon shift in the Guildhall. She came along and joined in and found out what the Teas in the Castle was all about, on the job training I think it was written down as. There was a couple from East Cheshire who came by train and a couple from Buckinghamshire who were staying in Ryton of the Eleven Towns, whilst visiting friends, they had come by car and used Park and Ride to get into the town.



Please dont forget to take part in my CAR PARKING SURVEY by clicking on the following link. Thank you. Tony




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