This morning we met Cllr David Farmer, Mike Cox (STC) and Town Clerk Helen Ball inside Shrewsburys Indoor Market, where we then met up with the party from the National Market Traders Federation. Their visit was to promote the Shrewsbury Indoor Market. The party was led by their Chief Executive Mr Joe Harrison whose wife also accompanied him on the visit, along with their PR team. We all then toured the market talking to both traders and shoppers on route.


Click on the above link to visit the Shrewsbury Indoor Market, and see what they have to offer. Well worth a visit.

From Left to Right, Mike Cox (STC), Tricia Durnell (Mayoress), Yours Truly (With Bling) Joe Harrison (Chief Exec NMTF) & Cllr David Farmer (Rep for NMTF STC)

Left to Right, Helen Ball (Town Clerk), Joe Harrison, Yours Truly, Cllr David Farmer and Trica.

Here we are drooling over the cakes on display at “MAMAPIE” click on the link and take a look at her Web-site. http://mamapie.co.uk/

Here we are pictured with Nadia who runs “MIRAGE”. Mediterranean Mezze. Please click on the link and visit her web-site.  http://miragemezze.com/ 

Above pictured with us is Sue Jones who runs the stall “FORGET ME NOT”. From now on will always be nicknamed “The Shrewsbury Shrew” As you will make out one of her creations is a Shrew dressed in the Shrewsbury Town Football Kit. Watch out Lenny the Lion as there is “The Mighty Shrew” waiting on the wing to take you on!!. Forget Me Not is well woth a visit as she has some of the most beautiful items at affordable prices. She told me that she had just exported some Pirates to California USA, as well as having regular customers from as far as Oxford. So why is it you don’t know where she is? Or do you!

Come on. She does not yet have a Web-site so I will show a second picture so you can have a hint of what she has on offer.

The Lady second from the right is Carola Fielden of “THE VISUAL ART NETWORK”. We are discussing the work on display by Jane Wilson Artist/Maker, Reclaimed Materials, a Local Artist, and to visit her web-site please click on the following link. http://www.janewilsonartwork.co.uk/

This is “TOOTSWEETS” pictured with us both is Julie Wenlock the person who makes the “Chocoholics Dream” Come True. Please click on the link and visit Julies Blog Site.  http://tootsweetsconfectionery.wordpress.com/2011/06/03/shrewsbury-market-hall-revival/ She is always on TWITTER so watch out for her a true star.


I LOVE COMPOST or COMPOST KIDS. No you can’t re-cycle your children at the Indoor Market, but if you are looking for something of a change for them, then have a look at I Love Compost in the Market near to The Birds Nest Cafe. Visit Sam Pooley’s web-site and get to know her. http://www.ilovecompost.com/

Here we are just about to end our tour with a cup of coffee at the Birds Nest Cafe.

Another pose at the Bird’s Nest Cafe, where even the chair you sit on to drink your coffee is for sale. How cool is that. Excuse me but do you mind getting up, sorry about your coffee, but I have just bought these chairs, oh and the table as well. Sorry. I wonder if it would ever happen like that.

Please go in and have a good look around, support our Indoor Market, Support our lovely town, and meet and mix in a fantastic atmosphere that the Indoor Market has. You have to be there to experience it.


After a light lunch we had an officail photograph, then I presented the Chief Executive Mr Joe Harrison of the National Market Traders Federation a Shrewsbury Town Shield to commemorate their visit.

We also handed them a STC Goodie Bag full of items that will remind them of their visit to our very good Indoor Market.

Mr Joe Harrison told us that our market was an exceptional market, that is up their with the National big named markets, and felt that Shrewsbury had a lot to offer in good practices etc, also he was sure that the large big named markets would like to know more on how we operate.



This afternoon we held our weekly “Tea in The Castle”, on this occasion we had eight visitors plus the guide, as well as our daughter who turned up as she knew that there were fresh scones, cream and jam on offer.

We had visitors from Victoria in Australia, Leeds and South Wales.

Pictured above are the two from Australia, who said they loved the town and their visit to our Country, but the just loved the old buildings and the history.

Above the daughter Katrina (Trina) She did help not only to eat the scones but to clean up and put things away before we all left, it was well after 5pm by then.

So after a quite few days it came back like an express train with what was in effect three engagements in one day. Great.

Rebecca: Many thanks. I think that the giggle problem has been solved now that you have pointed it out to me. ;~’)

Computers dont you just love how they can make a fool of you at times.  ;~(,



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2 Responses to 24th AUGUST 2011 BACK WEARING THE BLING

  1. Liz Pyman says:

    Hi, thank you for posting your blog about your visit to the Market Hall yesterday. I was pleased to meet you at Mamapie’s Bake Shop (I’m Liz, the owner and cake-baker). Your support for the Market Hall really helps all of us Traders – please drop by for some delicious cakes soon!

    Yours sincerely,
    Liz Pyman

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